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Total, customized facility solutions in the most challenging locations

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About Rapid

Whatever your facility requires, no matter how challenging the conditions, Rapid is ready to deliver high-quality, high-tech solutions that meet your needs on every front. We move fast and deliver consistent quality with a proven track-record of keeping facilities running safely and smoothly. Our network of clean-energy, automation and IoT experts will create smart facilities that are digitally optimized for energy, maintenance and sustainability.

Rapid simplifies complex management needs into a single point of contact, and sources the best providers for every category of need. This means we can put 100% of our effort into finding the best products at the best prices, and delivering you a cost-effective, customized solution.


Two international companies. Two crucial areas of expertise. One shared vision: Rapid was created to fuse Aden’s expertise in facility operations, IoT and clean-energy solutions with Losberger’s expertise in construction.

The end result is Rapid, an organization that can take whole facilities from design phase to full-scale daily operations, carefully calibrating infrastructure design and operational costs.

Global Presence

Parent Companies

Data-Driven Facility Solutions

Founded in Asia and operating in 26 countries worldwide, Aden has 25 years of experience managing assets and workspaces for every need and every sector. Aden currently has 26,000 employees at 1,500 sites globally, and has operated numerous projects in challenging environments in the Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

Keeping itself at the fore of technological developments, Aden aimed at lifetime, data-driven optimization of client property portfolios and the acceleration of their business, asset efficiency and ESG targets. We operate 40 million sqm of client property with +1 million sqm of property directly owned, developed and managed by the Group.

Infrastructure for any Environment

Founded in Germany in 1909, Losberger has a 100-year history developing modular infrastructure that is secure, versatile and easily deployed. Today, Losberger has more than 1,200 employees and operations around the world, including in Europe, China and America.

Losberger Group De Boer structures have been used for everything from mobile halls for concerts, the World Cup and the Olympics to housing and operational structures used by military forces. Thanks to Losberger Group De Boer, Rapid can count on experience in designing speedy construction of sites and high-quality, secure physical infrastructure.